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If you are serious about Options Trading, whether it be to live the lifestyle you want, supplement (or even replace) your J.O.B., prepare for major life events or make sure your retirement is in the style that you want, the Day Trader Genius products will provide you a way to get there. Our system has been tried and tested rigorously over many years and with tremendous success. We are very confident in our program, so if you're serious about Day Trading Options try one of our programs, speak with one of our coaching staff and then decide. You won't be disappointed.


Hello and welcome to the Trader Genius - Xxxxx Home page! Make sure to bookmark this page as it will contain everything you need to maximize your Options Trading experience in one easy "Go-To" place.

In the next section you will find an overview of the various plans available specifically for Day Trading Options. Our program is simple to understand and once you go through the Basic Coaching available as part of your membership you will be up-and-running. But it is also sophisticated enough to meet the demands of very advanced traders who trade professionally. It’s really that good.

Your success is very important to us, so in addition to the Basic training that comes within the software, we also offer a comprehensive self guided video training (see resource section below) and if you want to trade at the highest level, we also offer an individual training program (limited seats per month available). 


The final section is a customized selection of all of the free resources available to you to get you up and running. But if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact XXXX at Your name here or the Support team here at Trader Genius via info@tradergenius.com 



Here is your "Go-To" page for all of the basic information you may need. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can easily access the numerous resources available to you. 


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