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Step 1: Download the Trader Genius software. Your log in credentials are in the Welcome email you received.
Tech Support Series: Downloading & Installing TG Software
Step 2: After gaining access to the software, watch these System Orientation videos
System Orientation Series: Step 1 - Software Overview
System Orientation Series: Step 2 - Stock Trader & Investor Tools
System Orientation Series: Step 3 - Options Day Trader Replay
Step 3:  Once the above steps have been completed go to our Trial Coaching page to set up a time to meet with a coach to: answer any questions you may have, understand better how this software can help you achieve your trading goals, as well as, receive information about how to get involved with our investing/trading community.
We hope you enjoy exploring the software and Thank You for choosing Trader Genius! We look forward to meeting you and having you become a part of this awesome community.
Jess Fisher