How do I get started?

The link labeled “membership” will take you to checkout where you can sign up and make your first payment. A notification is sent to the management team to set your account up and get you started.


What is Trader Genius (TG)?

Trader Genius is a trading and investing club that has its own financial information management software available to its members. It compiles relevant market data in near real-time to make informed decisions about key stock indicators. It is also a simulator that allows for the practice of your strategies. The system compiles all kinds of quality information and makes it easy to find and use.


How does Trader Genius add value to my life?

The Trader Genius program can add as much or as little value as you want. Building wealth takes time, the right mindset, and practice. You can significantly reduce susceptibility to undulations that traditional managed account or a “buy and hold” strategy provide. Another very real "value" is the price of membership. Depending on your goals and aspirations we have a program for it, and the price to match. Membership is a simple monthly fee that you can cancel at any time, although that rarely ever happens once people begin using the system.


What is the next step?

Do your own independent research and reflect on this decision because it requires commitment. We only want people serious about trading and getting better to join our community. Once you have made your decision to join us do not waste time. Trading is a journey and it requires time, so get started as soon as possible on your path to becoming a successful trader/investor. Then sign up for one of the Free 30 Day trials (whatever matches your interest - Day Trading, Stock Trading or Investing) and a coach will reach out to walk you through the program and discuss your experience, goals etc. and get you going!


What’s the sequence from now until I can trade live?

It does depend on the program you are interested in. Stock Trading and Investing "generally" takes less time to get you actually trading/investing. We do believe there is real value in taking some of the training to help you get to the next level, but that's absolutely not a prerequisite. For Day Trading the sequence from right now until you are trading live is a six-step process. We want you to succeed and we do not cut corners so first

  1. Register for the appropriateTrader Genius account

  2. Go through the training

  3. Begin replay training and familiarization

  4. If you are Day Trading you will need to open and fund your IB account. But if you are Stock Trading/Investing and already have a trading account you don't need to do anything else.

  5. Practice your strategy until you achieve at least an 80% success rate or more.

  6. Implement your proven strategy in the Live market.


Who designed and tested the Trader Genius software?

The software was designed by a world-class computer programmer and mathematical financial consultant (a "quant") who had a vision fifteen years ago for what this software is today and will become in the future...a comprehensive way to flow with the system and trade options and stocks profitably in the markets. The software is tested daily by traders, coaches, and administrators to ensure accuracy, it is also updated regularly so update your software often.



What are the system requirements?
  • Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10 etc

  • 0.1 GB of disk space.

  • 0.2 GB of RAM for (Day Trader Live or Replay) programs.

  • Speakers are helpful for the Day Trading.

We strongly recommend having 2 monitors (or one BIG monitor) for Day Trading. There have been many screen/space optimizations to show everything you need on one screen. However, it's much easier to do this work with more screen space. A computer with an i7 processor is noticeably better. An SSD drive and a minimum of 8 GB of RAM are normal minimums these days for a fast inexpensive machine.


If you also have a microphone, you can record your own sounds/voice for the stock names.

Some examples of setup by coaches are; one 27” wide view gaming screen, two 17” displays, Laptop and 55” big screen TV with HDMI, and single screen laptop setup while traveling. Ideally, two dedicated screens seem to be the magic combo.


Does the type of operating system matter?

Yes, the TG is not compatible with MacOS or iOS, yet. Windows 7 or 10 is optimal with the TG set as an exception to virus and firewall protection. You can download a Windows emulator but most of the coaches use a dedicated trading computer for optimal performance.


Are there any special specifications for my trading computer?

If you have everything listed above your computer is sufficient. However, a faster processor (Intel i7 or later) and a larger screen (over 15”) will help you. Your coach again can be a huge help but only you can decide what is best for you. Another method is to go to an electronics store and ask for a gaming laptop and someone will point you in the right direction.


When I set up Trader Genus I am getting a lot of virus warnings. Am I infecting my computer?

No, the software is not popular enough for it to be recognized by antivirus programs so it defaults to block the TG from working. The software is "code-signed" through a highly accredited verification process to ensure it is really from us. That's usually sufficient to quell most anti-virus warnings. For seamless continuity, make sure you add it to exceptions and restart your computer.



What is Interactive Brokers?

Interactive Brokers (IB) is the brokerage firm of choice for the TG. The API connection works successfully, the data feed is accurate, and the customer service is second to none. Additionally, the commissions and monthly fees are manageable given the volume you will trade.


Interactive Brokers contact information?

Visit IB’s website at for more information.


How do I check to make sure my positions are closed?

There is a three-step process that a coach can take you through to make sure your positions are closed daily. Your account page in IB will indicate if you are holding any positions.


How does my computer, TG, and Interactive Brokers interface?

Your computer is connected to the internet, so it transfers information from Interactive Brokers to TG through an Application Programming Interface (API). API is code that “talks” between TG and IB asking it for relevant information and when you place an order through TG it talks again to IB and places it onto any number of markets (New York, Chicago, American Exchange, etc).


Interactive Brokers is confusing, why are there so many levels of security and how can I streamline the login process?

Interactive Brokers is the direct line between you and the market. To keep your information safe they require a multi-step login process. There is an app called “IBKR” in the app store that you can use your fingerprint (for Apple) to login instead of using the algorithm card every time. Eventually, you can merge the IB Trader app and the IBKR into a two-step process and even trade from your phone.


Do I have to use Interactive Brokers if I use the TG software?

Yes, and it is better this way because IB has the lowest cost per trade and the best customer service. Commissions and fees are found here

No, if you are only using the Lists, Replay, and doing research. You do not need live data unless you are planning on using the system to view the live market or buy and sell with our buttons.



Who are the coaches?

The coaches are traders. All of them were hand-picked for their approachability, trading knowledge, and dedication to helping others accomplish their financial dreams.


Do I need a coach?

No, but it certainly helps. The TG is unlike anything else and using it effectively requires mentorship as well as information on how to use the tools or what tools to use.


Tell me more about the coaches

The coaches biographies are located under the About Us tab.


What if I want to be coached in person?

Coaches are located all over the world and speak many different languages. We have several options for coaching and seminars. Choose what best suits what you are looking for and commit to it to maximize your effectiveness.



Who do I contact if I have a problem with the TG software?

Your coach should be the first person for any software issues. They will have most of the answers. If you are trading live and run into an issue, close your positions and let your coach or the management team know so we can help you quickly. Events like this are mitigated with coaching.


How and where can I connect with other TG members?

We have a Facebook community (Trader Genius), The Profit Zone (private FB group for members), and a private community for coaches and students through another web-based app. Additionally, we do a yearly retreat to center our minds and bodies and share trading ideas and tips.


Is there a difference in the tools I will use between Replay and Live?

Yes, the tools are slightly different but everything you need to successfully trade is available for testing and use in the Replay mode.


What kind of success can I anticipate using the software?  (This can help manage expectations starting out)

Happy traders are successful traders. This is not a “get rich quick” plan. You can expect to make successful trades if you wait for the right conditions every time or tolerate more risk to trade more often. You can also expect a tight-knit community and like-minded people to share ideas with you and revel in your success, and at the end of the day, you will build wealth at your own pace. The testimonials and reviews can help you decide if you are still unsure.


How much does it cost?

Learn more about our pricing here.


Does the software only work for day trading stock options?

No, you can use the TG to trade stocks long-term, forecasted options, and creating a new portfolio, managed by YOU, based on your tested rules and risk tolerance.


How much principal do I need to get started?

IB has their own requirements you will need to fulfill if you want to use the live version of the software. The Day Trader Genius Club membership costs $291 USD for Live and $99 USD for the Lite membership. In a similar fashion as IB, for Stock Trading and Investing, it would be whatever your choice of brokerage company requires. We are not financial advisors and do not manage any funds so aside from the membership fees we do not comment or suggest principal amounts, that is a personal and confidential choice of each individual members. 


Why these prices?

The Trader Genius programs are what many of our users are dependent on for their trading livelihood and requires top-notch service. In order to provide that consistent service, we need to ensure that the business is sustainable while keeping the price as reasonable as possible for the users. This is a community and we have to look out for everyone and at these prices, we maintain the ability to do that.



I’ve heard about the Seminar in Mexico, what is so special about that?

Every year we do a conference in a great location to reset our mindset and focus on what’s really important. This is one of a kind mindset training that is specific to trading. It’s also a great time to meet the community in person and share stories, talk strategy, and build camaraderie. We post updates on and social media.