Get a competitive advantage by offering a true value added educational service for attracting & keeping employees 

Learn & Grow Program

In todays competitive employee environment it is becoming harder to standout and differentiate yourself. Whether it's attracting talent, or keeping talent, having a unique and real value added benefit can be challenging for many reasons.

We recognized this as a gap in HR's toolbox and have developed an innovative solution. Using our proprietary software and world class educational system, we offer our "Learn & Grow"  program. 


In brief, the commercial membership provides a real tool for your employees to understand stock trading and investing for both the short and long term. They will gain confidence and valuable knowledge of the stock market.


  • This is an educational program so there are no compliance concerns. 

  • It provides a tangible, real, long term knowledge. 

  • It is designed as an ancillary benefit that compliments any existing investment/401K plans

  • OR it can be offered as a form of benefit for companies that do not offer 401K plans.  

  • The program includes introductory small group education sessions, and then 24/7/365 On-demand video coaching for the life of the commercial membership.

  • Simple integration plans to minimize the amount of time and effort needed to implement and launch. Because no one in HR is sitting around looking for things to do, right?

  • This is a specific program for Commercial accounts so contact us to discuss pricing options.

To find out more details contact us directly at: or complete a contact form via the link below:


We look forward to showing you how you can gain a competitive advantage through this innovative program.

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