I am your humble Coach and active trader within the Trader Genius  community. I currently reside in Colorado Springs, CO with my two hound dogs, where we enjoy hiking, working out, skiing, and grilling.

During my formative years, I worked on a historical Shaker farm near my upstate New York home. There, between driving oxen, harvesting ice, and tending the field crops, I discovered that I had a virtually limitless capacity for hard work. I carried this trait forward like a badge of honor into my Marine Corps service, completing seven combat deployments to the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters. I maintained this work ethic in my ensuing civilian positions, and have brought it to bear in our mutual passion realm since Steve welcomed me into the Trader Genius family in 2015.

Becoming a proficient day trader is a pursuit which requires patience and discipline, but is accelerated with a warm, dedicated support network. Together, we will conquer all necessary obstacles along your path - and have a great time doing it. The core strengths I offer you are direct and honest communication, understanding, reliability under any circumstances, and willingness to sacrifice for the Trader Genius members and my students.