Hello Geniuses,


My name is Satya. It's a pleasure to be part of this wonderful, like-minded team. Having master's degree in computer science and working in Information Technology for over 20 years on various roles from technologist to director, I have always been fond of data/information and have a huge passion towards the stock market.


After trying out various stock trading education systems in the market, I couldn't find one that fits me. It had been a challenge until I came across the Trader Genius club. The moment I started with the Trader Genius club, the excitements unfolded every step of the way. It's like everything got laid out on a red carpet. With the right educational tools and good mindset coaching, trading is a beautiful ART that you can learn and find your own personality in that journey is truly incredible.


I am looking forward to meeting and introducing you to the club and it's benefits which I love so much.