One thing I learned growing up was to follow my passions and take them seriously. Some of those passions became careers and some turned into hobbies that all contributed to my philosophy of life. Constantly looking for the next challenge I ended up playing Division II collegiate football where I was fortunate to be apart of two National Championships. I was also lucky to meet the love of my life at that same college who became my wife about a year later. Post college I decided to join the USMC and served as an Infantry Officer. From there, I chose to pursue higher education and personal development outside the USMC in Hawaii. There I became introduced to systems thinking as a discipline and trading the market. With a strong passion for adventure and the fortune of meeting some great mentors and friends along the way, I found myself in an environment suitable for the cultivation of practical philosophy, systems thinking, teaching and trading. Since then, I have dedicated my life to these ideas and never looked back. The Trader Genius club is an extension of my family and it is my honor to be associated with it.